About Us


STEELE Corporate Security and Advisory Services is a global business advisory and risk management company providing personal protection, workplace stability and crisis advisory services to Fortune 1000 corporate security departments and family offices. With 20 years of experience in emerging and high-risk markets, and regional offices in 16 strategic locations around the world, STEELE delivers confidence and peace of mind by providing experienced and trusted security professionals. STEELE provides highly personalized solutions to the challenges of doing business in today’s fluid, global marketplace. For more information, visit www.steelecss.com.

Our Story

  • 20+ years of experience solving complex security problems on a global scale.
  • A global capability built through a global presence.
  • More than half the Fortune 100 served.
  • In depth understanding of social, political and economic conditions in each market we serve.
  • Proven ability to attract, train, and promote the most talented professionals in our industry.