Customized Solutions

Offering Customized Solutions 

The problems our clients encounter range from the routine to highly unusual and complex situations that require customized solutions. The following represents a sampling of the types of customized solutions STEELE offers:

  • Personal Security Vulnerability Assessments (PSVA): Captures information regarding security risks identified throughout the entirety of the executive’s life, to include family, home, office, travel, and vacation or personal time.
  • Physical Security Assessments: Help determine if it is safe for an executive to conduct business in a particular location. STEELE leverages its agents’ local knowledge, as well as the latest threat intelligence gathered from a myriad of sources.
  • Technical Security Counter Measures: To help clients protect their intellectual property from theft STEELE conducts electronic sweeps for various forms of listening or electronic monitoring devices.
  • Non-Traditional Business Investigations: As appropriate, conduct investigations and surveillance to resolve complex allegations involving fraud or asset theft.