Cross Border Services

With more multinational firms requiring secure ground transportation for their employees and senior executives traveling across the U.S.-Mexico border, STEELE developed a scalable cross-border service that sets it apart from other security companies. Our highly trained security teams utilize threat assessments, surveillance, counter-surveillance, and monitoring/tracking capabilities through our operations center to provide clients with the security they need to safely cross the U.S.-Mexico border. We train our agents to monitor conditions in vulnerable areas such as choke points, as well as uncover potential ambush locations. Our clients also benefit from STEELEā€™s FirstCall service based in Mexico City that provides incident support and roadside emergency assistance service. FirstCall offers a fully integrated in-vehicle communication and alert system backed by a highly trained staff of bilingual advisors who have specialized security and customer support experience. To support our cross border efforts, we maintain a full-time, local management presence to closely monitor all cross-border operations issues and needs. Our on-call management team consists of Mexican and American crisis management professionals.