Workplace Stability

Confronting the Threat of Workplace Violence

Companies routinely face threats of workplace violence, such as hostile terminations, robberies and/or the targeting of employees. However, most businesses struggle to respond. STEELE CSS helps clients understand the threat as well as develop a response that provides the appropriate level of protection, while allowing the company to function.

  • Listen to the client: STEELE CSS meets with the client to develop a detailed understanding of the problem, including the history associated with the threat, and the client’s primary concerns.
  • Understand the threat: Based on the information provided by the clients, STEELE develops a detailed understanding of the magnitude of the risk facing the organization, the capacity, skills and knowledge of the individual(s), and their ability to carry out the threat.
  • Develop a list of solutions: The client receives a list of all possible solutions, including a recommendation from STEELE regarding the solution that manages the risk while ensuring minimum disruption.
  • Implement the solution: Once the client identifies the preferred solution, STEELE implements and monitors its performance as the threat changes. At the conclusion of the project, STEELE meets with the client to confirm that the solution met the client’s needs.

The entire process detailed above ensures that STEELE fully understands the threat, and responds to the client’s needs at every stage of the engagement. STEELE’s approach helps minimize the threat of workplace violence, and allows employees to focus on the job on hand.